Our Family

Our Family

Over 60 Years Of Tradition, Pride And Family 

It began in 1952 when our parents, Antonia and Edward Garcia, Sr. bought their first shrimp boat, Texas 18. Edward was the first Hispanic Gulf shrimp boat owner in Matagorda Bay. Shortly after getting into the business, his trawler was destroyed in an act of violence. Dad regrouped and within 6 months purchased his second boat, Texas 1. Over the years, life for the Texas shrimper has ebbed and flowed. During the 1960s, the shrimping industry was very profitable. Operating expenses were low and the catch was bountiful. By the 1970s there was a change in the tide. The soaring price of fuel, higher interest rates and the movement to steel hull boats dramatically increased the costs of boat production and ownership. Hard times continued through the early 1980s, forcing many in the industry out of business. Dad made smart business decisions and was able to weather the storm, while others sank.

The family business began to change dramatically in the mid 80's when the boys, their sons, started to expand the company. They had always worked with the boats but were now becoming boat owners. As time passed, the number of vessels grew to make the Garcia fleet the largest privately owned group in the United States. The partnerships now extend to harvesting, producing, marketing and selling our shrimp. Currently, Edward and Antonia have four sons, two daughters, four nephews and many grandsons who are actively involved in the family business. Shrimping is a way of life for our family and it is a life we take great pride in!


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