Our History

From Our Family Boats To Your Family's Table

With a desire to do something more with his shrimp, Kenneth Garcia recruited his sister Regina Garcia Pena in 2002 to sell it. Shortly after, his brother Anthony and father Edward, Sr. came on board to create Philly Seafood. The men wanted to have more control over their shrimp production, but it was Regina who was determined to change the way the company did business. She shifted the organization from just selling shrimp to developing a brand that represented the family's values of hard work and dedication. 

Philly Seafood is a family business with a family name. Regina's son, Daniel Phillip Pena III, lost his life in a tragic accident when he was four years old. Regina takes great pride in the company's image and reputation, because her son's memory is intertwined with the organization. The company's success and growth is based on the fundamental principles of integrity, quality and service. It manages the harvest, production, packaging, marketing and selling of the shrimp from family-owned boats. Philly Seafood is now a recognized brand in the retail and food service seafood landscape across the United States.


6544 Greatwood Parkway Suite B

Sugar Land, TX 77498


Phone: 832-499-1900

Email: customerservice@phillyseafood.com